Reader’s Services

Reader’s Services can connect you with the Library’s many reading resources. Readers can find book titles and lists, information about books and authors, and more by independently exploring our Books & Reading Databases. Fill out our Next Great Read or Grab & Go Books forms to receive a personalized list or bundle of great books. Readers Services can help you take reading to the next level!


Book clubs

Join our online book club or stop by a branch for one of our monthly book groups.

Next Great Read

Fill out our short survey with information about what you like to read and our librarians will create a personalized reading list just for you.

Grab & Go Books

Too busy to browse for books to read? Let us do it for you! Fill out our short survey with information about what you or your family would like to read. Our librarians will put together 5-10 books for you to pick up in person or via curbside service.

Curated Book Lists

Looking for a great book? Here are some our staff recommend.

Author Alerts

Get notified by email or text message when the Library orders new titles by your favorite authors or performers!

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