Bendable Learning Resources

About Bendable

Bendable is a free learning platform that allows residents of all ages to acquire new knowledge and skills through online courses, in-person events, and other learning resources.

How it started

Bendable was developed with funding from,, the City of South Bend and other local public and private entities. The St. Joseph County Public Library is responsible for maintaining Bendable, with the support of the Drucker Institute.

What will you learn next?

Bendable is meant to provide opportunities for lifelong learning so that the residents of South Bend can be more resilient in the face of a fast-changing economy. That said, people use Bendable to learn all sorts of things—not only for work, but also to help themselves or their family eat healthier meals or better manage their finances, or simply because they’re passionate or curious about a particular topic.

Nominate someone for a Bendable Collection

Bendable Community Collections are personal playlists of favorite learning resources (classes, TED Talks, podcasts, books, etc.) on a particular subject that are put together by South Bend residents.

Do you, or someone you know, have expertise in a field that would make a great Community Collection? Nominate yourself or others using the form below.

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