Tutt and Western offer new meeting and study spaces 

September 12, 2022 | By: Marenda Escobar

New and exciting renovations are in-progress at our Western and Tutt Branches. These include Tutt’s Learning Pavilion and a plan for two new study rooms that are underway at Western.


Named after the Library’s first head librarian  and located on the corner of Miami Street and East Ewing Avenue, the Virginia M. Tutt Branch is situated in one of South Bend’s urban areas. Perhaps this is why the outdoor Learning Pavilion is such a nice addition to the branch. 

The Pavilion has been available to the community for about two years. This fairly new addition includes four picnic tables for patrons, one of which is shaded by a wooden pavilion structure. Patrons can access the Library’s wifi from here, and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air while eating lunch, reading a book, or chatting with a friend. Haley Johnson, Tutt’s Youth Engagement Associate Librarian, notes that patrons typically access the Pavilion in the morning and afternoon, and she sometimes enjoys her lunch break outdoors in the Pavilion.

Tutt Branch has long been home to a variety of community and family events, many of which happen in the Learning Pavilion. In fact, our recent Splish Splash Party was hosted here. On July 21, families and friends gathered at the Pavilion to play fun water games and spend time together. It was an absolute blast! Whether you’re new to the area, or a longtime Library patron, we hope you have the chance to sit outside and enjoy what the Pavilion has to offer. 


True to its name, the Western branch is located on the west side of South Bend. Although it was built identically to a few other branches, Western serves its own unique community. Home to a diverse Hispanic population, the branch is proud to provide a variety of Spanish resources, including media and literature for youth and adults that staff including Ambrosio Torrealba can show patrons. The Library is committed to serving its youth, and Western regularly welcomes middle school students for programs led by library staff including Vicente Mendez Perez, the youth engagement assistant. The newest addition to Western, two study rooms, will help the Library continue to serve its diverse community. 

Inspired by patron requests, the study rooms will be a valuable resource for students, tutors and patrons seeking quiet spaces for reading, job interviews and virtual and in-person meetings. The renovations for the study rooms are already underway, and the rooms will be located where the old vending machines and sink were once located. While a specific date is not yet set for the study room’s completion, we anticipate the rooms will be completed by the end of October.

We hope you can join us at Western to enjoy its many resources and community events. For example, on the last Thursday of each month patrons gather to play La Loteria, and on September 22, Western is hosting its annual Celebración De La Herencia Hispana. Once the study rooms are ready, we hope they’ll be a valuable resource to you.

We welcome you to visit these branches to use their new spaces!


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