Library hosts Summer of Care series

May 18, 2022 | By: Communications Staff

The Library is partnering with Oaklawn, St. Joseph County Cares, and Self-Healing Communities of Greater Michiana to bring a series of programs focused on mental & emotional health to every Library location this summer. Learn about the power of resilience and mindfulness in everyday situations, understand how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect health throughout life, and take a free Zumba class with Carlitos.

SJC Cares Events

A Spanish translator will be present at all events. Space is limited, register with the links below.

Vitality Café

Monday, June 13, 3pm | Tutt
Thursday, August 4, 3pm | LaSalle

Learn about the power of resilience and how to put it into practice.

“Strength” Training

Monday, June 13, 5pm | Francis

Hear from Leslie Weirich, local suicide prevention advocate, about how youth and adults can identify their unique strengths and how to lean into those strengths when hard times come.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Presentation

Tuesday, June 14, 3pm | River Park
Thursday, August 4, 5pm | Western
Monday, August 29, 3pm | Centre
Wednesday, August 31, 3pm | Lakeville

Understand how childhood trauma affects health throughout life.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Tuesday, July 12, 3pm | German
Thursday, August 18, 4pm | North Liberty

Learn about the power of mindfulness in everyday situations and how to create your own mindfulness toolbox.

Community Resources 101

Tuesday, July 26, 4pm | CLC, Classroom B

Understand the basic framework of community mental health, from services and supports that are available to everyone to more intensive services for identified mental health issues.

Self-Healing Communities Events

Space is limited, register with the links below.

Stress and You

Monday, July 18, 6:30pm | CLC, Classroom B

Join us for a conversation about how modern society activates the human stress response, the impact of burn-out and stress on the brain and body, and practical ways we can help reduce that stress.

The Power of Community Connections & NEAR-P Science

Wednesday, August 3, 6:30pm | CLC, Classroom B

Join us for a conversation on the importance of NEAR-P Science: the scientific evidence surrounding Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, and Positive Childhood Experiences.

Zumba with Carlitos Events

Spreading Joy with Carlitos events will be taking place at every library branch location throughout the summer as a part of our Summer of Care series. Carlitos has been a ZIN™ member since 2017, and he absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. Space is limited, register with the links below!

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