Library launches new brand and website

October 4, 2021 | By: Marissa Gebhard

As the St. Joe County Public Library prepares to reopen Main Library and the Community Learning Center on November 14, it is also launching a new brand and website on Monday, October 4. 

The new brand is built around the core belief that the Library is the community’s gathering place where everyone belongs and can form connections. It answers a need in society by creating a welcoming space where everyone can access knowledge, interact with others, and engage with the community. The Library is proud to be the public space where people can connect, and the new brand elements symbolize this. 

Working with Pathfinders Advertising, the Library created brand architecture that includes not only a mark for the master brand, but for the first time, marks for each of the nine branch locations which serve distinct neighborhoods throughout the county. A collection of shapes symbolize learning, socialization, programming and services, and when displayed together form a core graphic that represents the gathering place of the community. With a clean, easy-to-read font, Monserrat, Library messaging will be recognizable and create familiarity in the Library’s voice. Creative work will be built utilizing the vibrant colors in the primary color palette: red-orange, deep red, bold blue, yellow-orange and light pink, along with professional photography of local residents who use the library.  

One of the Library’s leading resources for building connections within the community is its new website that is launching today. In addition to being visually appealing and organized, the redesigned website enhances the usability and accessibility of information. Free events, services, library resources and community-based resources are prominently featured, as well as helpful, recommended books. 

Individuals and families can find upcoming, educational or entertaining events; teens and young adults can explore online learning opportunities , and people of all ages can find what they need to connect, learn and grow. While small business owners and individuals access free research assistance, local residents can explore thousands of e-books, audiobooks, and printed publications in addition to accessing national periodicals such as the New York Times and Washington Post.

Beginning in January 2022, local nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals will be able to utilize the website to reserve spaces at the Main Library and Community Learning Center to host conferences and special events that utilize a variety of meeting rooms. 

The St. Joe County Public Library’s mission is to connect members of our diverse community to learning, resources, culture, and each other, and the new brand and website will foster these connections and appeal to one’s sense of belonging.

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