Friends of the Library Bookstore

About the Bookstore

The Friends of the Library Bookstore is open every Friday and offers donated books and media for sale at discounted rates.


327 S. Michigan St.
South Bend, IN 46601


Open on Fridays 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Book Prices

(unless otherwise marked)

Adult Nonfiction Books$1.50
All Fiction Books$1.00
Paperbacks (Mass Market, All ages)$0.25
Children’s Books$1.00 or priced as marked
Audio Books$1.00
Music CD’s$0.50
DVD’s$2.00 and up
Purple X itemsFREE
Special TitlesPriced as marked

About the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a nonprofit organization that engages in advocacy and philanthropy to support the mission and vision of the St. Joe County Public Library.

Donation Guidelines

Donate your used books, CDs, and DVDs to the Friends of the Library Bookstore on Fridays during the book sale. You may also drop off donations to any library branch during normal business hours.

Donated books should be in good condition and recent. We do not accept textbooks, encyclopedias, or magazines older than two years old.

When you donate a book, remember that all donated books do not necessarily enter the sale. Our Friends of the Library team has to consider the cost of materials and labor when adding books into the collection, and many donations are too damaged or dated to be sold. Nothing lasts forever, including books, and many donated books will be recycled.

Other places you can donate to include schools, teachers, hospitals, thrift stores, used bookshops, shelters, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, literacy programs, after school programs, daycares, and armed forces charities. Wherever you donate, be sure to ask first, and please do not leave donations if you are told they cannot be accepted.

What else can you do with books you want to donate? Add them to a Little Free Library, or set up book swaps in your community. You may also use books for crafts including sculptures, collages, or origami!

Libraries are so much more than books. The best way to support your local library is to use it, and to donate when you can!

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