Local author writes at German Branch

By: Marenda Escobar

Meet local science fiction romance author, Vicky L. Holt. Holt’s love for nature, science, and adventure can be found in her writing. In the Predator Planet series, Holt immerses readers in new worlds full of action, alien heroes, and women who are experts in the STEM fields. Holt finished the fourth book in her series at the Library’s German Branch.

During National Library week, Holt shared a video of the German Branch on Instagram which said, “I finished the fourth book in my #PredatorPlanet series in this building earlier this month! I love how the #MorningSun streams through the windows and all the #CozyNooks for reading, writing or daydreaming are so welcoming. And the staff are friendly and helpful.”

Holt shared more of her story in a video interview posted to the Library’s social media. She has been writing for thirty years and reconnected with her love of the natural sciences while researching for Predator Planet. She has found the German Branch to be an ideal location for her schedule, research, and productivity. “If you need a quiet and peaceful place, you should check out the German Township Branch. It has everything you need, whether you are writing a book, a thesis, or getting away for a few minutes.”

Find Holt’s Predator Planet series on Kindle – the first book is Hunted on Predator Planet. The Library also has a full collection of science fiction romance titles available to check out.

Holt participated in the Library’s 2022 BookCon.

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