Local musicians use Studio 304 to produce music

By: Marenda Escobar

Meet Andre Bolling and Anthony Adams, two cousins with a passion for music. Both artists use Studio 304 at Main Library to produce their own music and engage with their passions.

Andre “Mega Jam”

Andre Bolling “Mega Jam” is a hip hop and house music artist. Andre treats his music like he does his cooking, aspiring to make each song unique and different. He uses Logic Pro software in Studio 304 to create music and further his career, which he describes as having the benefits of a professional studio. When Andre started his music journey he had a goal to complete 50 songs, a goal he is proud to have accomplished.

Andre’s advice to aspiring musicians is to “have patience and keep going. You might not be an artist over night. You have to keep working at it.” Listen to Andre’s music on SoundCloud. The song he plays is called Cosmic Harmony, which he created with Logic Pro in Studio 304.

Anthony “Young AmA”

For Anthony Adams “Young AmA,” music is his love and life. His own music is upbeat, sometimes sad, but always inspiring. Anthony recalls growing up in South Bend was hard but music served as an inspiration.

Redemption, Anthony’s latest mixtape, tells his story. If he can come out of dark places and overcome, he believes others will be inspired. Today, Anthony seeks to bring positive change to his home city with his music and story.

Anthony started using Studio 304 five years ago. Since the Library’s renovation, he’s been inspired by the updated equipment available to patrons for free. He recalls the many resources available for recording, mixtaping, designing album covers, and says, “You can do the whole nine yards here at the Library.” Check out Young AmA’s music on Youtube. The song Anthony sings in the studio is called Mind.

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