Community spills the ink at annual poetry reading

It’s hard to wish for snowflakes to melt when they’re so fragile, beautiful, and new. But they need to melt for dandelion wishes to come true,” writes Evelyn Morgan, winner of the children’s age group in the Library’s Spill the Ink Poetry Contest. Last week, the community gathered for the much anticipated poetry reading. Poems of hope, healing, struggle, and self-love abounded at the culmination of the annual contest.

This year, the Library received 117 submissions from children, teen, and adult age groups from March through April, and on Thursday, April 27, over one hundred attendees filled Leighton Auditorium to hear their community spill the ink. Pam Blair, owner of The Poetry Den started the night by reading a selection of her own works before participants of all ages read their poems. Nine winners were announced for three age groups.

2023 winners

Children (0-11)
Winner: Evelyn Morgan, Dandelion Wishes
Runner-up: Marjane Searl, Winter
Runner-up: Bren Swanson, Bren Loves Herself

Teens (12-18)
Winner: Anonymous, At the end of the day I hold a scale
Runner-up: Leia, Recovery
Runner-up: Rowan Kramer, Pages filled with blotted ink

Adults (19+)
Winner: Lisa Guedea Carreño, Spring Lament
Runner-up: David Palmer, Snow Clouds and Wet Leaves (A Creek Song)
Runner-up: Anita Grady, You are Lavender

Community members who are interested in sharing their works are encouraged to participate in SJCPL Writes this Fall, and next year’s Spill the Ink Poetry Contest.

Special thanks to Pam Blair from The Poetry Den for reading a selection of her own works

Evelyn Morgan

Rowan and Fiona Kramer

Madeline Cashore

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