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Learning is a lifelong process that everyone can engage in. With Bendable, learners can explore languages, find resources to continue their education, and explore topics for fun. Thanks to Bendable, learners of all ages can learn online or in-person, all for free with their library card! Bendable is host to a variety of resources, like edX for those looking to learn from some of the top universities in the world, or Brainfuse for those looking for some hands-on live support for everything from math and English homework to career support, as well as familiar local providers like Notre Dame, Indiana University South Bend, or South Bend’s very own Venues, Parks & Arts. Along with learning from local organizations, you can also pick up a new skill from a friend or a neighbor using Bendable’s Community Collections. Community Collections are playlists of resources curated by local experts and hobbyists on a variety of topics such as Staying fit at home, Starting your houseplant collection, and How to start playing chess.

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What’s great about the platform is that it gives learners the ability to learn on their own time, at their own pace, and access resources that are interesting and relevant to them. The following learners have used Bendable to do just that:

  • Nikki Morris is a full-time mother and professional, and she has gained skills to support her and her family’s personal well-being. Nikki participated in a learning circle at the Library that met each week to complete the Pathways to Happiness edX course on Bendable. Morris can apply what she’s learned with her family and also her personal life.
  • Viri Zamarripa is committed to caring for children as a mother and her career. She is earning her child development associate credential through a collaboration with Bendable, the Library, and United Way of St. Joseph County. What’s more, she loves that this opportunity lets her manage her own time.

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We all continue learning well beyond school, and with Bendable you can now learn for fun, to improve your everyday life, or to grow your career, all for free with your library card. With Bendable’s new and refreshed website you can now search for courses that interest you, filtering for courses that fit your schedule or that offer college credit or industry certifications. If you’re thinking of going back to school as an adult, whether it’s to get your high school diploma, switch your career path, or to pursue a bachelors or graduate degree, Bendable has resources for you under this spotlight

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