New Discovery Passes now more accessible

Discovery Passses just got an upgrade, and they’re more accessible than ever.

A Discovery Pass gives library cardholders opportunities to explore their community and visit a local attraction. Beginning Monday, May 1, community members will be able to check out Discovery Passes online and use them without needing to visit a library location. 

This new upgrade comes just in time for summer, providing access to the Potawatomi Zoo, The History Museum & Studebaker National Museum, South Bend Symphony Orchestra, Ruthmere Museum, Fernwood Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve and Wellfield Botanic Garden. (This pass is not valid for special events.)

“The new online passes will be so much easier for patrons because they will not have to worry about returning a pass after using it,” said Deb Miner, customer service assistant manager. “They will now be able to reserve a pass up to one week prior to the visit and they have two days to use the pass. Passes can be printed out from home or library staff will print them out for patrons.”

How to get a Discovery Pass:

  1. Check if a Discovery Pass is available on the Library’s website, app, or at any library location.
  2. If a pass is available, library cardholders can get a pass with a timed receipt. This can either be printed out or presented digitally on a phone at a partner location.
  3. The Discovery Pass may be used during a two consecutive day period, based on the date on their receipt. When the pass expires, it cannot be used further. The date of use is listed on the receipt.
  4. Library cardholders will now have to present ID with the pass when visiting, and IDs must match the name on the pass.

The number of passes available will be limited to the Library’s membership agreement. If you would like to support the library as it offers these passes and other resources to the community for free visit

Available Discovery Passes

The History Museum & Studebaker National Museum

Pass admits up to 6 people. Includes house tours of the Oliver Mansion

Potawatomi Zoo

Pass admits up to 2 adults and 6 children

Ruthmere Museum

Pass admits up to 6 people

Wellfield Botanic Garden

Pass admits 4 adults and 4 children

Free Performance Tickets

South Bend Symphony Orchestra

Enter a raffle to win free tickets to the South Bend Symphony!

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